Summer Safety Tips for Dogs

Heat Stroke
All dogs are prone to heat stroke during summer time. Avoid leaving your dog in your car, even if the windows are rolled down. Take your dog to the vet immediately if your dog has heat stroke.

Some tips to cool your dog down:

  1. Applying some ice to the dog’s groin
  2. Spray the dog with cold water
  3. Provide ice chips for the dog to link
  4. Drink Water

Dogs and Outdoor
Make sure that your dogs have plenty of shade if you are leaving your dogs out in the sun. It will be ideal if you have trees and shrubs in your backyard. You should also have lawn and grass in your backyard as your dogs love rolling around the lawn to cool them down. Lastly, make sure that your dogs have enough water to drink; constantly checking and make sure that the water is still available. Following these tips will help avoiding heat stroke for your dogs.

Water Safety
Many dogs love to swim in summer; unfortunately, some cannot. Please be sure that your dogs abilities before training your dogs to swim.
If you are training your dog to swim, please make sure the water is shallow. If your dog starts to paddle, lift the hind legs and your dog should eventually float and swim.
If your dog is just learning to swim, do not let him swim for too long. He may get too tired.
Note: Please don’t throw your dog in the water or leave the dog unattended.

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