Woodrow Wear PP-01-06A Power Paws Advanced
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Woodrow Wear PP-01-06A Power Paws Advanced

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Woodrow Wear PP-01-06A Power Paws AdvancedPSU-PP-01-06A
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Woodrow Wear PP-01-06A Power Paws AdvancedWoodrow Wear
Dimensions: L 9.5 X W 6 X H 0.1 In.
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Woodrow Wear PP-01-06A Power Paws Advanced
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Woodrow Wear PP-01-06A Power Paws Advanced

Power Paws are the only sock solution available in 13 sizes across two foot shapes! This ensures a great fit for virtually all breeds, and all dogs from 6 pounds to 240 pounds. The Advanced socks are the only product available that offers a reinforced toe -- a feature that is useful for dogs with long nails, and those with neurological issues that might involve tapping a toe or dragging a foot. (See Power Paws Reinforced Foot for a ruggedized whole foot area). Power Paws are a year 'round outdoor solution for protecting paws from the elements. In the summer, they protect paws from scorching pavement and other hot surfaces. In the winter, spray Power Paws with Scotchgard or other waterproofing spray to keep the paws warm and dry while keeping snow, ice, and salt off paws. All year, but especially during spring and fall allergies, Power Paws are the only non-drug solution for dust, dirt, grass, and pollen issues. They also help keep paw wounds clean while providing air flow for healing.

Which foot shape do I need? Most dogs wear Power Paws, but choose the Greyhound Edition if the pad group on the bottom of the paw is far longer than it is wide (officially called "hare foot") . More than Greyhounds and Poodles can have hare feet. And some dogs, especially the working and herding breeds, can have very different front and back paws.

How do I know if I need Power Paws Advanced or Power Paws Reinforced Foot? The Advanced (with a reinforced toe) will work well for most dogs. Dogs that do rugged activities outdoors (like camping, hiking, hunting) and those walking on abrasive surfaces (like sand or pool decks) plus those that wear or drag in an area other than the toe, will benefit from the more durable Reinforced Foot product.

How do I know what size to get? The weight and breed guides are a good way to determine size, but they are based on averages. The foot print guide is another check on the size. Unfortunately, some breeds don't follow the guide, and others have different sized and/or shaped front and rear paws. Despite all this, these guides are generally accurate for the majority of dogs. Know that the socks look very small so they can stretch to become the size of the foot, and then the elastic can hold it in place. A good fit is snug, but you can still put a finger in the sock. It will stay in place while playing, walking, climbing stairs. The sock is too small if with you can’t get it on your dog’s foot. The sock is too large if it falls off, sags. Twisting is generally easily fixed by washing in warm (in the washing machine) if the foot pad matches the grip well.


  • Weight: 95 - 130 lbs
  • Foot Pad Width: 2.75" - 3.125"
  • Foot Pad Length: 2.75" - 3.125"
  • Typical breeds: Shepherds, Rottweiler, Basset hounds
  • Product Dimensions: L 9.5 X W 6 X H 0.1 In.
  • Item Weight: 0.14 lbs
  • Item Finish: Blue / White Bone

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