Prescription Disclaimer

PLEASE NOTE ALL PRESCRIPTION ITEMS ARE NON-RETURNABLE NON-REFUNDABLE. partners with Pet's Choice Pharmacy to fill prescriptions for our customers.

All orders for prescription medications must be accompanied by a veterinarian's original prescription and must meet the following criteria in order to be processed. Prescription medications may not be eligible for expedited delivery.

In order to process an order with a prescription medication, Pet's Choice Pharmacy must receive a valid, original veterinarian's prescription via one of the following methods.

  • Fax: Your veterinarian may fax us the original prescription to 866-787-1177. Note: We can not accept faxes not sent directly from the veterinarian.
  • Phone: Your veterinarian may call our pharmacy directly at 877-347-7387 and authorize the prescription. If our pharmacist is unavailable, please leave a message.
  • Mail: You may send the ORIGINAL written prescription, no photo copies, to: c/o Pet's Choice Pharmacy 814 K Street Belleville, KS 66935 Pet's Choice Pharmacy Regular Business Hours: Monday through Friday - 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Saturday - 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Please note that customer calls will be answered within 24 business hours.

Pet’s Choice Pharmacy is unable to ship prescription items to customers with North Carolina and Massachussetts addresses at this time.

Note: Your veterinarian retains the right to final decisions regarding prescriptions. The customer service representatives of can not compel veterinarians to provide prescriptions.

Pharmacy Laws:

A prescription MUST contain the following information PRIOR to being filled at a pharmacy.

  1. Name of owner and species of the animal
  2. Name of drug
  3. Strength of the drug
  4. Dosage form of the drug
  5. Quantity of the drug
  6. Directions for use
  7. Date of issuance
  8. Vet's name with signature
  9. Number of refills authorized

A prescription may be transmitted by facsimile(FAX) to the pharmacy ONLY by the prescribing veterinarian. The prescription CAN NOT be faxed to the pharmacy by the owner of the animal. The owner may obtain the original prescription from the vet and MAIL it in.

Shipping of Prescription Items

Prescription items can only be shipped within the 50 states and will be sent with signature confirmation. Please allow an additional business day for processing of prescription items. Additional items purchased with prescriptions will be shipped separately and will more than likely arrive before your prescription items.

Disposal of Expired/Unused Medications, Needles and Syringes

1) Follow any specific disposal instructions on the drug label or information sheet that accompanies the medication. Do not flush prescription drugs down the toilet unless this information specifically instructs you to do so.

2) If no instructions are given, throw the drugs in the household trash, but first: i) Take them out of their original containers and mix them with an undesirable substance, such as used coffee grounds or kitty litter. The medication will be less appealing to children and pets, and unrecognizable to people who may intentionally go through your trash. ii) Put them in a sealable bag, empty can, or other container to prevent the medication from leaking or breaking out of a garbage bag.

3) Take advantage of community drug take-back programs that allow the public to bring unused drugs to a central location for proper disposal.

Visit the Food and Drug Administration's website for complete details regarding proper disposal methods of unused medicines.

Syringes may be disposed of by placing them in a rigid or semi-rigid, puncture-resistant and leak proof container. Mark the container prominently with the universal Biohazard symbol. Label the container “Sharps.” Seal the container. Properly packaged household sharps can be added to the general household waste. Sharps regulations by state can be found on the following link

State Pharmacy License Numbers

There are specific guidelines that each state requires for prescription licensing. Below is a list of states in which Pet's Choice Pharmacy, our partner pharmacy, is licensed. The specific license number for each state is provided for your convenience. At this time, North Carolina, Massachussets and Washington, D.C. are the only addresses to which we are unable to ship pet prescriptions.

State License Number
Alabama 113391
Alaska 1088
Arizona Y005492
Arkansas OS02343
California NRP 1086
Colorado OSP.0005983
Connecticut PCN.0002271
Delaware A9-0001057
District of Columbia NRX0000701
Florida PH 24650
Georgia PHNR000501
Hawaii PMP-708
Idaho 16916MS*
Illinois 054.017740
Indiana 64001268A
Iowa 3928
Kansas 2-10330
Kentucky KS1552
Louisiana PHY.006962-NR
Maine MO40001197
Maryland P05340
Massachusetts License Pending
Michigan 5301009512
Minnesota 263496
Mississippi 08502/7.1
Missouri 2011007024
Montana PHA-MOP-LIC-3288
Nebraska 689
Nevada PH02654
New Hampshire NR0857
New Jersey 28RO00050100
New Mexico PH00003237
New York 30929
North Carolina
North Dakota PHAR621
Ohio NRP.022149400-02
Oklahoma 99-5710
Oregon RP-0002687
Pennsylvania Not Required
Rhode Island PHN10187
South Carolina 13347
South Dakota 1-15231
Tennessee 0000005227
Texas 26949
Utah 8026335-1708
Vermont 036.0080995
Virginia 0214001409
Washington PHNR.FO.60233210
West Virginia MO0560184
Wisconsin 670-43
Wyoming NR-50338

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