Odor-Z-Way Auto Odor Eliminator, 14 oz.
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Odor-Z-Way Auto Odor Eliminator, 14 oz.

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Odor-Z-Way Auto Odor Eliminator, 14 oz.MD-17847
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Odor-Z-Way Auto Odor Eliminator, 14 oz.Odor-Z-Way
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Odor-Z-Way Auto Odor Eliminator, 14 oz.
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Odor-Z-Way Auto Odor Eliminator, 14 oz.

This is an over the counter product - it does not require prescription.

Do you have an odor in your vehicle that is very bothersome? Did you spill coffee and stain the upholstery? If so, you must use Odor-Z-Way®! Remove virtually any odor or stain with Odor-Z-Way®. Our odor and stain removal product is guaranteed to remove the odors and stains in your vehicle. Odor-Z-Way® is a premier product on the market used for odor and stain removal. After all applications, be sure to seal your bottle of Odor-Z-Way® back up.  Once this product is exposed to the open air, it will begin absorbing immediately.  You will be amazed what the Auto Odor-Z-Way® will do for your vehicle!  Can be used in all types of vehicles for food odors and stains, pet smells, musty smells, skunk/wild game odors, spilled drinks, such as, fruit drinks, pop, coffee, wine, and even blood, body odors, ash trays and smoke odors, greasy spots, oil removal (on the cement), etc.

Cigarette Odor:  If you smoke in your auto, truck or tractor, but don't want the smoke odor to be noticeable when you get back in your vehicle the next day, just use Odor-Z-Way®.  First clean out all of the ash trays and cigarette butts.  Next, take one can of Odor-Z-Way® and sprinkle throughout the floors and seats of the car or cab.  Leave the Odor-Z-Way® on the floors and seats for 12 to 24 hours.  If the odor continues to persist, leave the Odor-Z-Way® on for two days. Vacuum up the product once this time frame has elapsed.  Once you have your vehicle cleaned up, fill your ashtrays half full to full.  When you put out your cigarettes in your ash trays, you will find that the Odor-Z-Way® will absorb the odors from your cigarettes.  Along with absorbing the odors when you put your cigarettes out, this product will also continue absorbing the odors out of the air.  This will neutralize the cigarette smell on a daily basis.  Change out ash trays every 2 to 4 days and refill them with Odor-Z-Way.

After all applications be sure to reseal your bottle of Odor-Z-Way®.  Once this product is exposed to the open air, it will begin absorbing immediately.

Ingredients:  Sodium alumino silicate.  Predictable, clean and consistent in quality.  Made in Kansas.

Size:  14 oz.

Manufacturer: Odor-Z-Way

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