Nu-Cat Multi Vitamin Mineral 240 Tablets
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Nu-Cat Multi Vitamin Mineral 240 Tablets

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Nu-Cat Multi Vitamin Mineral 240 TabletsMD-11326
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Nu-Cat Multi Vitamin Mineral 240 TabletsVetri-Science Laboratories
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Nu-Cat Multi Vitamin Mineral 240 Tablets
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Nu-Cat Multi Vitamin Mineral 240 Tablets

This is an over the counter product - it does not require prescription.

Nu-Cat is amulti vitamin-mineral supplement that contains a full spectrum of balanced vitamins,minerals, amino acids, and digestive enzymes. Nu-Cat™ feline multiple alsoincorporates important nutrients necessary to feline health that are not alwaysfound in cat food or ordinary supplements. These include Taurine (to support eyehealth and reproductive processes), GLA and LA (essential fatty acids to promotea healthy coat and skin), and Perna canaliculus (a rich source ofglycosaminoglycans to support joint flexibility and mobility).

Vitamin A900 IUInositol2 mg
Vitamin D350 IUDL Methionine10 mg
Vitamin E5 IUCystine5 mg
Vitamin K0.002 mgBetaine HCI10 mg
Vitamin C20 mgLecithin5 mg
(Ascorbic Acid)Linoleic Acid25 mg
Thiamine2 mgGamma Linolenic
Riboflavin2 mgAcid10 mg
Niacinamide5 mgCalcium50 mg
Pyridoxine2 mgPhosphorus25 mg
Folic Acid0.002 mgMagnesium1.5 mg
Biotin0.002 mgPotassium0.250 mg
Vitamin B120.002 mgTaurine200 mg
Pantothenic Acid5 mgIron1.5 mg
PABA2mgCopper0.030 mg
Lecithin5 mgZinc1 mg
Choline5 mgIodine0.040 mg
Chromium0.0035 mg
Selenium0.0035 mg
Desiccated Liver600 mg
Perna Canaliculus100 mg

As a dietary supplement, give fourtablets daily to cats. Give two tablets daily to kittens, divided between AM andPM. Tablets may be crushed and added to food or given as a treat. Cats findNu-Cat™ very palatable.

Digestive Enzymes
Pepsin1.5 mg
Papain1.5 mg
Bromelain1.5 mg
Protease Enzymes1.5 mg
Ox Bile2.5 mg
Lipase Enzymes2.5 mg

Facts about Nu-Cat:

Nu-Cat offers a full spectrum ofvitamins and minerals in the proper ratios for maximum absorption andutilization by cats.
Nu-Cat does not contain preservations or antibiotics.
Nu-Cat contains only quality ingredients.
Nu-Cat has a balanced and complete B complex, which is important because Bvitamins work closely with each other.
Nu-Cat has been formulated with concern for maintaining optimum health in cats.
The magnesium level has been specifically formulated with the FUS cat in mind.
Essential fatty acids are included to improve hair luster and skin tone.
Taurine has been shown to benefit retinal function, and reproductive andcardiovascular health.
Perna mussel has the nutrients that are essential for arthritic or aging cats.
Digestive enzymes are included to aid in proper digestion, which is especiallyuseful for ill or elder cats.
Nu-Cat is flavored with beef liver from pasture fed organic beef.

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