How to Stop Your Dogs From Barking?

Some dogs bark more than others and stopping your dog’s barking at early stage is very important. How do you stop a dog from barking? Here are some tips:

Why is your dog barking?
If your dog barks because you were not home the whole day, it could be that your dog is lonely. One thing that you can try is to buy some toys for your dogs, so that your dog will have something to play with while you are gone; also, you can also get another dog to be a companion for your dog.

Buy bark collars for your dog
Bark collars are safe, effective training aids that control your dog's barking behavior. Some bark collars pick up the vibrations from your dog's vocal chords as it barks. Others are activated by your dog's barking noises. The collars' training action, depending on the collar, is a light electronic signal, a spray, or a sound. If your dog continues to bark, the collar will send more corrective signals. Your dog will learn to stop barking to avoid the collar's signals.

Video Clips from PetSafe on bark collars

Train Your Dog
Have your dog listen to your command when your dog keeps barking is very important. Once your dog stops barking, make sure that you give them praises. They will continue to listen.

Bark for Attention
Sometimes, your dogs may bark because they want attention from you. If that was the case, do not give them eye contact; instead ignore them. Otherwise, they will bark every time that they need attention.

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