Bark Collar FAQs

Will the collars harm the dog? Back to Top of Page

Answer: Not at all. The static shock stimuli are annoying and unpleasant without being harmful. Think of the static shock that you get when touching a wall after walking across a carpet -- it’s startling, and annoying, but not harmful. The same can be said for the noise and spray corrections.

How do bark collars work? Back to Top of Page

Answer: Bark collars are safe, effective training aids that control your dog's barking behavior. Some bark collars pick up the vibrations from your dog's vocal chords as it barks. Others are activated by your dog's barking noises. The collars' training action, depending on the collar, is a light electronic signal, a spray, or a sound. If your dog continues to bark, the collar will send more corrective signals. Your dog will learn to stop barking to avoid the collar's signals.

How old and big must a dog be to train with a bark control collar? Back to Top of Page

Answer: Most dogs should be at least 6 months old and weigh minimum of 7 pounds (with the exception of BC200 by Innotek - this can be used on dogs as little as 3 lbs.

Can bark collars be used with all breeds of dogs? Back to Top of Page

Answer: Yes, any breed of dog can use bark collar.

How long would it require for the dog to learn not to bark? Back to Top of Page

Answer: It varies. Most dogs should be trained in just a few sessions.

Will the bark collars stop all barking? Back to Top of Page

Answer: The bark collar will teach your dog not to nuisance bark when he is wearing the bark collar vs. stop your dog from barking only when it’s wearing the bark control collar.

Is it necessary for my dog to wear the bark collar at all time? Back to Top of Page

Answer: Please DO NOT keep the collar on for more than eight hours.

Is it still necessary to wear the bark collar after my dog is trained? Back to Top of Page

Answer: Not at all. However, your dog may need to wear again if your dog start barking excessively.

May I attach a leash to the bark collar? Back to Top of Page

Answer: No. Please use a separate collar for the leash.

How do I adjust the level of correction? Back to Top of Page

Answer: For Petsafe bark collars, the correction levels are progressive. They start at the weakest level, and will increases little by little if your dog continues to bark. For Innotek and DT Systems collars, you can set the level of correction. Start the collar with Level 1, then increase the correction level until your dog can feel it, you only want enough stimulation to provoke a reaction.

Where can I buy more batteries? Back to Top of Page

Answer: You can buy them in any camera stores, drug stores, or from our website.

Can I buy a bigger collar? Back to Top of Page

Answer: The biggest collar that we have is 24 inches. If your dog has a bigger neck, you can attach only the receiver to your dog’s collar.

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