Agility Training

Train your dogs' agility and coordination at home with our dog agility training items. TSC Pets offers dog agility training products, including weave poles, bar jumps, tunnels, and more.
Featured Item - Dog Agility Starter Kit, DG40100, Dog Agility, Agility Training
Dog Agility Starter Kit, DG40100, Dog Agility Kit
Dog Agility Starter Kit (DG40100)
Provide interactive fun and exercise for the family dog with this agility starter kit. Agility training is a popular dog sport that can be learned relatively quickly. The kit comes complete with the supplies needed to perform the following agility tests: weave poles, high jump, open tunnel, and pause box.

Petsafe Agility 3' Closed Tunnel (PDT00-11029)
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Our Price: $83.47
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